6 types of cryptocurrency users to Telegram

6 types of cryptocurrency users to Telegram

Telegram — the main communication platform for millions of people.

And, like any community, where every member has a role, users in virtual communities are also divided into types. Each project that runs the ICO, faced with their influence. In this article the author has outlined 6 basic personality types of users of the cryptocurrency world, which can be found in the Telegram.

Type 1: The Stampede

Users of this type have a higher activity, bringing to mind themselves and others. Alarmist often declares his eternal love for the project and all users, but can instantly switch to anger at the first sign of failure. Basic vocabulary: Love all! HODL, I really believe in the project. But his mood can instantly change and approval with him: I want my money back! I hate you! Return my money! This is a Scam. Fraud! I should have listened to my mommy! Run, you fools!

Type 2: People with connections

A user of this type of Yaro demonstrates knowledge in all global jurisdictions. On his links to the CIA, the courts, and personally acquainted with several presidents, too, will never hold back. Basic vocabulary: you Have serious problems. I have already reported you to the SEC (the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA). Can start to panic — the FBI is watching you.

Type 3: The Believer

The majority of cryptocurrency users in all channels — it just believers. They invest in the project not only for profit but also because I believe in the idea and the team. This category inspires and supports developers. Believers show attention and patience during the development. Most are experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts and analysts who read every message from the team and control every headline in the media. They are usually independently investigate all questions and sometimes share their opinions with others.

Type 4: The Reseller

The representatives of this type of user has one goal — to buy low and sell high. He absolutely doesn’t matter what the product is in development, or what is his idea, or anyone on the development team. He hardly even read the Whitepaper. Basic vocabulary: When listing? Guys, hurry up! Can’t wait to see $ 100 per coin.

Type 5 : Napoliday ban

The same type of users who constantly flood and is sent to the banks. This does not calms down, it creates a new account and starts all over again. Basic vocabulary: Why am I banned again? I invested $ 1 million in your draft and ended up in the bath. Why?!

Type 6 : a Sarcastic Troll

The user, once a month, illuminating the channel with his presence. Revealing himself to the other, Troll each time asking the same questions: “Well, how are you, what are you doing? Unless the project has not yet collapsed?” And disappears again for a month, then to come back with the same questions and jokes.

Every ICO is unique. Telegram — it’s not just another instant messenger, it is very important to the cryptocurrency community. It can be compared with the circulatory system, which operate thousands of projects ICO. Currently Telegram is not monetized, although the potential is quite high. Users of the cryptocurrency from all over the world uses daily Telegram. It could be the biggest ICO in history.

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