5% of all Monero obtained illegally

5% of all Monero obtained illegally

In the report of Palo Alto Networks, which specializiruetsya on the network and corporate security, stated that about 5 percent of all outstanding Monero (XMR) were produced illegally.

According to the study, when mining of this cryptocurrency is often used triptorelin.

Cryptogenic uses the hidden resources of your computer in the background without your knowledge. All I have to do a blackhat is upload the script to your web browser after you visit infected website.

Josh Grunzweig group of Unit 42 researchers collected data on scriptordering the miners. The result is a framework that includes partial information about 470.000 unique cases of cryptogamia.

In particular, the database contains 3777 e-mails related to mining-pools, 2995 URLS mining pools, 2341 wallet XRM, 981 wallets Bitcoin (BTC), 131 wallets for Electroneum (ETN), 44 wallet Ethereum (ETH) and 28 wallets for Litecoin (LTC).

The popularity of cryptocurrencies among cryptogenic miners

According to Grunzweig, Monero has “an incredible monopoly” in the field of cryptogamia, a total of $ 175 million was obtained this way (about 5 percent of all outstanding Monero). The total market capitalization of Monero is about 1.9 billion dollars. At the moment the price is at 119 USD.

At the same time, from 2,341 identified Monero wallets, only 55 percent (or 1278) have more than 0.01 XMR (currently this amount is approximately equal to 1.19 US dollars).

The report also notes that the data do not include Monero miners who use scriptordering, but have not been identified. So the number of miners Monero, which use this method of mining is obviously much more than 5%.

According to the report, the total hash rate for the Monero miners, who use cryptodiran is about 19 megahexe per second (MH/s), to date, this brings about 30443 $ per day and accounts for about 2% of the total Hasrat network Monero.

Justin Ehrenhofer who works in a group called Monero Malware Response WorkGroup commenting on the findings said that because Monero “is the most anonymous cryptocurrency, people often use Monero for illicit personal enrichment.”

To combat this type of activity was formed by a group of Monero Malware Response WorkGroup:

The Monero community is interested in helping the victims of cryptogamia and other illegal activities. However, we know that you will never be able to prevent this threat for every computer. In addition to mining of Monero, the infected computers can be used for sending spam and other illegal activities. We hope that our contribution will help to cope with these problems including.

Yesterday Japanese police announced that they opened investigation into criticising mining Monero using a script Coinhive.

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