5 key highlights from the quarterly report Ripple

5 key highlights from the quarterly report Ripple

Ripple has released a report on its activities for the 4th quarter. In addition to fans with the same thread on Reddit, nobody usually pays attention to such reports. But this time it’s different.

The end of the year XRP was more than significant. This moment will go down in history as a defining point in the history of Ripple.

And it’s hard not to agree. The price of XRP started to grow on 12 December, which resulted in one of the most impressive takeoffs in the history of cryptocurrency. Before the start of the new year, investors reached 1000%.

So now, this report is much more important and it is possible to find lots of interesting information. We have identified 5 key points:

1. Ripple is not trying to sell a lot of XRP. In the fourth quarter of the Ripple almost nothing is sold from their stocks XRP. Sales of the company amounted to 0.075% of the total sales volume of XRP. This suggests that the Ripple will not flood the market as soon as prices will rise.

2. The liquidity of XRP is growing faster than expected. The number of cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange offices, which is trading XRP for the fourth quarter increased significantly. In the middle of 2017 the total number was 16. For the last three months we have added more than 20.

3. In Ripple are well aware of the danger posed by South Korea:

Given the excessive share of South Korea in the market of cryptocurrency assets, any restrictions in this market will jeopardize the entire cryptocurrency market.

Perhaps this part of the report included later, but in fact, the threat emanating from South Korea was not difficult to predict, and at the end of 2017.

4. The XRP comes to you.

Q1 will be a key to raise the level of liquidity of XRP. Our goal is to bring it closer to the performance of existing monetary markets.

Such liquidity will reduce the risks posed by South Korea.

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5. Probably Ripple is working on futures contracts.

In the first quarter we will begin work on the creation of hedging tools, and storage-oriented institutional investors.

You all saw what happened with the price of bitcoin after the announcement of the emergence of bitcoin futures.

In General, from the report one gets the impression that Ripple like a well-managed company that is doing the maximum to create the perfect environment for XRP. Especially the fact that Ripple doesn’t sell their stocks XRP when they want to. It is obvious that they are trying to avoid a situation where the price can be manipulated.

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