43% cryptocurrency investors invest with the future in sight

43% cryptocurrency investors invest with the future in sight

42.8% of crypto investors are long-term investors. To such conclusion organizers of the survey, which was conducted among users of the South Korean stock exchange Bithumb 7 June.

Retirement savings

A survey of approximately 2500 users of the platform Bithumb, showed that only 27% of them are interested in short-term profit.

13.1% of the acquired cash with the investment objectives and another 10.5% associated investing in cryptocurrencies such as the wedding and the purchase of real estate. Representatives Bithumb commented on the poll results:

More developed countries recognize the cryptocurrency as an asset. And South Korean investors are also increasingly serious about the idea of investing in digital currency.

Different age groups use different investment strategies. It is noteworthy that the highest percentage (49.1 percent) long-term investors occurred in people older than 50 years.

For comparison, only 30% investors from age group of 20 years using a long-term strategy when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Taxes are not afraid of South Korean investors

During the second quarter of the price of crypto-currencies practically have not changed. Bitcoin was never able to overcome its downtrend? which was formed after the record highs of December 2017.

Many analysts expect that by the end of the year the price of cryptocurrencies rise. However, a survey conducted Fundstrat Global Advisors, says that most of them believes that although prices will rise, the price of bitcoin is unlikely to overcome the barrier of US $ 20,000.

However, any actions from regulators aimed at regulating the cryptocurrency market, and not on his ban being considered by investors as a boon, necessary for development of the market.

39.5% of respondents Bithumb stated that even if necessary, payment of taxes, will retain their investments, and this is 11% more than last year.

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