42% of the top 50 universities offer courses in cryptography

42% of the top 50 universities offer courses in cryptography

A recent study conducted by the American cryptocurrency company Coinbase, showed that 42% of the top 50 universities in the world offer at least one course in cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.

The results of the study were published on the official Coinbase blog on Tuesday, August 28.

Coinbase conducted a study in conjunction with the company Qriously, which specializiruetsya on the organization of the polls. Together they surveyed 675 American students and study programs in 50 international universities.

Of the 172 courses, 15 percent are read within the framework of educational programs in Economics, Finance, law and business, and 4 percent in the social Sciences.

Courses related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies most popular in the United States. Only five of the 18 universities outside the United States, are offering courses on these topics.

Courses related to the blockchain, the most popular at the universities of Stanford and Cornell. They are followed by the courses of the University of Pennsylvania and the National University of Singapore.

Dawn song, a computer science Professor at Berkeley, said the “Blockchain, cryptoamnesia and the future of technology, business and law” was extremely popular and instructors had to refuse more than 200 students, because their class was designed only for 70:

Blockchain combines theory with practice and can lead to fundamental breakthroughs in many fields of research. This technology can have a really profound and broad implications for companies in many industries.

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