40 LINK on Binance sold a BTC for $399 960

40 LINK on Binance sold a BTC for $399 960

It seems that one unlucky trader decided to start the season altcoins yourself, buying a Chainlink at prices higher than the cost of 1 BTC.

Trade took place on Binance paired with steilcoom LINK/PAX. The last days of gaining LINK popularity, therefore, probably, Keith wanted to accumulate more and more coins.

Posted “sluggish” order with a pair of LINK/PAX shows that the orders rose to $9999 for 1 LINK. For a moment the price of the LINK was higher than that of Bitcoin.

Successful trader whose sell order was executed, got 40 LINK $ 399 960.

In this deal, the whale is lost, but the seller is definitely in seventh heaven.

Such prices could be a simple error on the site Binance. Periodically exchanges, there is a sharp and unusual rise in prices, this is due to a system error or error on the charts. In such cases, the orders are often not processed.

Binance not confirm this fact, perhaps because of previously implemented mechanisms to prevent such transactions.

Since then, LINK rates returned to normal values, however, showed the day the growth of 12.18%.

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