$ 35 million was able to collect the Mobius project before the official start of the ICO

$ 35 million was able to collect the Mobius project before the official start of the ICO

Platform based on smart contracts Mobius Network has successfully completed its pre-sale of tokens, in which she managed to collect about $ 35 million.

The company said that they had collected $ 10 million more than predicted. The token of a new project called MOBI is based on the Stellar network. After running Mobius plans to develop a platform for micropayments on the basis of smart contracts.

In a press release, the company noted that for the presale, which took place in late 2017 and early 2018, registered 32.000 participants . The beginning of the ICO is planned for January 18. The company intends to sell an additional 7.5 million tokens.

The company decided to limit the maximum number of tokens available for purchase by one party of up to 25,000 “to provide decentralized distribution of tokens with the participation of a greater number of people.” In addition, customers will be able to buy tokens MOBI using only cryptocurrency Stellar.

The authors of the project Mobius plan to use smart contracts to facilitate the implementation of micropayments in real-time. For example, if the machine or machine part is broken, the computer will automatically be able to participate in the auction for the purchase of needed spare parts and to arrange its delivery.

Despite the fact that the ethereum network is more popular for holding the ICO, some companies turned to network Stellar. Last month, chief Executive officer of Kik Ted Livingston announced that they had decided to move his token on the Stellar network due to issues with congestion in ethereum.

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