3 Aldona coming week

3 Aldona coming week

The past week was positive for the market of cryptocurrency: bitcoin has reached the level of 10,000 US $ and many other cryptocurrencies showed growth. Which of them will continue to grow next week and why? We have selected for you 3 of the most promising Aldona.

ZCL: fork

ZClassic (ZCL) is trading at the level of 21.50 US dollars with a market capitalization of $ 83,6 million USD. Last week the team announced in an interview on CNBC that they intend to create a Anonymous Bitcoin by fork ZCL and BTC. This is the first fork which they say on CNBC before it happened. Possible thanks to the efforts of the team behind the project and trying to build a really strong community around this new project.

Lead developer of Bitcoin Anonymous Sam Abbassi is going to speak at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. As the founder of the project, Jake Greenbaum will actively participate in the forthcoming conference Consensus.

was his first television ad with the fork a major broadcaster such as CNBC. Anonymous Bitcoin technology includes features of anonymity zkSNARKs plus technology mastered that should encourage users to store a new cryptocurrency, and not to trade it.

Enjin: Unity conference in Tokyo and Shanghai

Enjin (“ENJ”) currently is in “conference tour” at the events of Unity. For those who don’t follow the game industry in the name of Unity can nothing to say, but the role of this company to the development of games cannot be overestimated. Unity is a cross – platform game engine used to develop video games for all consoles and mobile devices. Platform Unity now includes more than 15 platforms and holds a major conference focused on games, app development, and technologies throughout the world.

This week ENJ will appear at the Unity conference in Tokyo and next week in Beijing. ENJ tries to integrate its currency into multiple platforms and events Unity perhaps the best place for this.

ENJ are currently trading at 0.17 per U.S. dollar with a market capitalization of $ 127 million dollars. If Asian events will be held successfully, then the price should go up.

DigiByte (DGB) – release authentication Protocol may 11

One of the biggest problems of all people who are active in crypto-currencies is a possibility of hacking accounts. Management of multiple passwords and 2FA annoying but necessary inconvenience millions of people and not only from the sphere of cryptocurrency.

Authentication Protocol based on the DigiByte blockchain is designed to solve this problem.

Now DGB is trading at $ 0,048 with a market capitalization of $ 492 million. In January, the price of DGB peaked at 0.12 7 January 2018.

Release authentication Protocol is by far the strongest event for the project and should have a positive impact on price. However, much will depend on the overall trend in the market.

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