28% of all bitcoins located on 1600 anonymous wallets

28% of all bitcoins located on 1600 anonymous wallets

The market bitcoin whales continue to play a significant role.

1,600 wallets contains about 28% of all existing bitcoins. BitInfoCharts data indicate that 0,000074% of all addresses contains about 40% of all coins.

Each of the wallets in question, contains at least 1,000 bitcoins, and all between them distributed about 5 million bitcoins. On top of the three addresses is about 448.218 bitcoins, which is about 3.4 billion dollars. In total, 1,600 investors, known as bitcoin whales own cryptocurrency in the amount of 37.5 billion U.S. dollars, and this represents about 1/3 of all available BTC.

At least so believes the author of the article in the Financial Times, citing data Chainanalysis, according to which 1/3 of all stocks in bitcoin distributed between 1600 purses.

Philip Gradwell, chief economist Chainanalysis, says:

This concentration means that bitcoin is subject to high risks associated with volatility, as the actions of a small number of people will have a serious effect.

Data Chainalysis also demonstrate how long-term investors got their profit at the end of last year, when the market appeared a large number of speculators and short term investors. As of November last year, the total amount of BTC held by long-term investors, was 3 times more than short-term investors.

According to many analysts, the market is “not yet regulated” and there are serious concerns related to the fact that large players are more likely to engage in market manipulation. OTC trade or OTC also plays a significant role in market manipulation.

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