28 Nov 2017 – the official start of licensee first “kosher” cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem BitCoen.io

28 Nov 2017 – the official start of licensee first “kosher” cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem BitCoen.io

The British company BitCoen announced its strategic goal – to improve communication between representatives of Jewish communities throughout the world.

Jewish communities from different countries showed their interest in the project in the pre-sale period. Even before the sale of token audience of the project consisted of more than 25,000 people from 124 countries. Geography of the project covers the whole world: States of North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. According to company representatives, most of the requests for the purchase of tokens BitCoen came from Germany, England, Spain, France, Italy and, of course, from Israel. As previously reported, Vyacheslav Semenchuk, founder and chief Executive officer BitCoen, has invested us $ 500,000 of his personal funds in the project. During the pre-sale has sold more than 150 000 dollars without a single shekel spent on marketing, which confirms the interest of the audience.

Vyacheslav Semenchuk

Blockchain project BitCoen was created by young and ambitious businessman – Vyacheslav Semenchuk. To 30 years he has created and sold over 10 startups, including FINTECH industry. At lifepay with a turnover of $ 2.5 billion, was the largest project created by an entrepreneur, which was subsequently sold to the Bank. For the creation of this project Vyacheslav Semenchuk received the title of “entrepreneur of the year” by YE. Even before the advent of mass interest in blockchain technology, Vyacheslav Semenchuk engaged in its implementation in the banking sector.

“Blockchain BitCoen was originally conceived as a system of services qualitatively enhance the life of the Jewish community,” explains Vyacheslav Semenchuk. “This is a closed community with a highly developed culture of philanthropy that exists in the world. This community needs in the internal mutual settlements to help their own businesses, focused only on the Jews. All this should be done the most transparent and effective way. The perfect target audience for blockchain-project!”.

Team members work around the world. “Development of Internet technologies allowed us to create an international team, – said Vyacheslav Semenchuk. “BitCoen team includes the most experienced blockchain programmers, cryptocurrency marketers and other experts in cryptoamnesia who are interested in creating ambitious, high-quality and interesting project.”

Blockchain project BitCoen consists of several parts, each of which is a logical complement to the ecosystem.

BitCoen Token (BEN) acts as the method of payment between members of the community.Loyalty program BitCoen applies to Jewish communities around the world. When paying in the outlets Bitcoen other cryptocurrencies or Fiat money, user get points Bitcoen that can be spent wherever accept payments BitСoen. The validity of the granted BEN s not restricted. Loyalty program BitСoen does not limit the number of points accumulated.BitCoen Pay – cryptostroma that allows you to make purchases, payments, pay for services, and donate to charity. And that the payment system offline and online convenient to use BitСoen in everyday life.BitСoen Platform – a single Market place goods and services provided by Jewish businesses. In fact, it is a single point of entry for the user and for business people, uniting them on one platform, where users can buy products or order services from different providers, and enterprises to sell their products to representatives of Jewish communities around the world. Every user of the market-place, as well as business connected to the platform is a member of the loyalty program BitCoen Loyalty, has the ability to accept payments through Bitcoen Pay and pay domestic premium services tokens BitCoen.BitCoen ADV – advertising ADV BitCoen platform, which allows business partners in the system to attract new consumers of their services. The specificity of the platform lies in the advanced audience targeting on members of the Jewish community. This combines partners BitCoen in a single advertising network, with which they can earn by selling traffic to other partners or to share customers, thus increasing your business but without the cost of advertising.

BitCoen based on the source code of the platform izzz.io and uses a consensus based algorithm for blocking Limited Confidence Confirmation Proof-of-Activity (LCPoA) and nodes (Thrusted Nodes) to speed network. Also planned to create a compatibility level BitCoen standard ERC20 that will simplify the integration with exchanges.

The locking algorithm LCPoA is one of the most important features of the blockchain BitCoen. This algorithm protects the network from spam and false transactions at the same time requires less computational resources. In the system there is no mining, all transactions in the network platform free of charge. Technology provides high-speed network (up to 25,000 transactions per second).

“BitCoen blockchain is a blockchain of a new generation which does not require participation in the” arms race ” of computing power. Terms of the transaction, it is reliable, fast and free. We can say that the bitcoin blockchain the first generation (Blockchain 1.0), Etherium – second ( Blockchain 2.0 ), and BitCoen – third (Blockchain 3.0), – says Vyacheslav.

Legal team BitCoen gave different versions of events and were able to create a stable and safe system. BitCoen it is a token, not a tool for investment, it is not meant to receive passive income. BitCoen does not support ICO, but only tocancel, which in fact is a pre-sale token.

28 Nov 2017 – the official start of licensee blockchain project BitCoen, which will last until 26 December 2017. Available to 20 million BEN for the price of 1 dollar for one BEN. The issue of 100,000,000 BitCoen is BEN.

After licensee BitCoen will hold a listing on the major cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Vyacheslav Semenchuk, the placement on the stock exchange – one of the marketing tools that allow you to expand the audience of the project.

As is known, the value of any cryptocurrency is determined by the interest of the audience to it and the actual functionality of the token. The functionality of this project allows Jews from around the world to develop their business, remaining in the framework of cultural traditions.

It should be noted that the creators of the project managed to attract not only experienced users of the cryptocurrency, but absolutely offline audience.

“We understand that currently only a small portion of the Jewish communities of the world uses cryptocurrency and the potential of blockchain technologies they have not yet evaluated”, – said Vyacheslav Semenchuk. “That’s why we used resources advertising channels to educate a new audience and tell them about the benefits of technology.”

By estimates of auditors, capitalization BitCoen will be about $ 1.5 billion. According to independent experts, in the future, the capitalization BitCoen can grow 10 times.

“At the moment we are the largest Jewish blockchain project aimed at audiences b2b and b2c. Before the start of tocancel we have agreed to cooperate with more than 700 major stores (among them OZON.ru, Aliexpress, etc.) ” – said Vyacheslav Semenchuk.

Moty Cristal, Professor of professional practice in negotiation stresses: “the Project BitCoen is a breath of fresh air, which will further help to maintain a close relationship between the Jewish communities in the world.”

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