23 million new cryptocurrency investors will appear in Japan

23 million new cryptocurrency investors will appear in Japan

Japanese financial conglomerate and partner of Ripple, SBI Holdings said they were going to open your new cryptocurrency exchange for all of its customers, the number of which has 23 million people.

SBI Virtual Currencies launched VCTRADE last month. Initially, this cryptocurrency platform has provided the opportunity work with the XRP, but now available for Bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash. All these currencies are traded against the Japanese yen. The platform is one of the few that received an official cryptocurrency license from the Japanese regulator. Still access the platform, there was only a limited number of users, but in the near future this situation will change.

A full launch is planned this month, and, according to SBI, the company expects to bring all his clients to work on a new platform.

The total number of customers of the SBI group consists of 23.47 million people. In particular, SBI SECURITIES has approximately of 4.26 million accounts, SBI Sumishin Net Bank approximately of 3.21 million and SBI Liquidity Market, SBI FXTRADE including approximately 1,05 million accounts.

Due to the overall ecosystem, the company plans to implement the transition from site to site for your users as simple and convenient.

In April, President SBI Holdings Yoshitaka, Kitao said that the new platform will quickly take a leading position on the cryptocurrency market of Japan.

Kitao, said last month that, in his opinion, cryptocurrency and the blockchain will contribute to the next economic boom in Japan.

The company SBI Holdings invested in Ripple in January 2016.

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