200 ICO look forward to starting a new blockchain platform in Gibraltar

200 ICO look forward to starting a new blockchain platform in Gibraltar

In anticipation of the launch of the new exchange Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) Gibraltar has managed to attract more than 200 promising ICO projects. GBX aims to become the world’s leading platform for selling tokens in the institutional class and the exchanging of cryptocurrencies.

In a Financial Times interview, the Executive Director of GBX Nick Cowan said that the company has shown great interest in selling tokens through the stock exchange, which is a British overseas territory:

“To date, management has received about 200 applications from projects that want to run their ICO via Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange.”

This figure is almost equal to the total number of ICO projects, which were successfully launched in 2017 (210 projects), when the financing hit the mainstream and has become a top priority for international regulatory agencies concerned with fraud.

Gibraltar has set a high tempo and he’s got big plans for creating a strong pipeline to support only 100% legal project ICO.

GBX is expanding its team, since the purpose of the sites – conduct studies of new projects within five days and then make the decision about listing.

In February of this year, the Gibraltar announced the creation of laws aimed at regulation of the ICO.

However, the ICO continues to face challenges in many international jurisdictions. During a hearing on the issues of ICO and cryptocurrency to the U.S. Congress sounded very different point of view. One of the senators made a statement in which it claimed that 99% of running ICO startups were fraudulent.

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