120 million. Acne Buterin proposes to limit the emission of Ethereum

120 million. Acne Buterin proposes to limit the emission of Ethereum

Acne Buterin offers to solve one of the biggest problems in Ethereum.

In the new proposal for the improvement of Ethereum (EIP), which he published on April 1, he proposes to set a limit of $ 120 204 432 “or exactly in 2 times more” than were sold during the launch of the project in 2014.

This is the first time Buterin touched on the monetary policy of the platform, a question that is often been the subject of criticism, including from investors that due to the lack of restrictions doubted the investment potential of Ethereum.

According to the current Protocol Ethereum annually may appear only 18 million coins, while talking about what you want the rule to change for me.

One of the arguments Balerina in favor of limitations issue is “ensuring economic stability” of the platform after the transition to the new algorithm. (Ethereum intends soon to abandon the model of proof of work in favor of the alternative algorithm – proof bets. This should happen as part of the update Casper.)

Buterin sees the coming changes as an ideal time to provide clarity as to how and how will be rewarded to those who provide the network.

At the same time, if the size of the issue will not be determined until such time as there will be 120 million Ethereum, Vitalik offers an alternative in the amount of 140 million.

It is important to note that this is just a suggestion. In order to implement his acne will need support from both developers and users, not to mention the fact, to make any necessary changes to the code that can take months or even years.

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