12-nm chips for mining from the Japanese giant GMO is already a reality

12-nm chips for mining from the Japanese giant GMO is already a reality

Japanese industrial giant GMO Internet, even in the fall announced its plans to engage in mining.

And for this purpose the company decided not to use ready-made ASIC, and to develop their own, greatly superior to all currently existing products on the market.

Recently it became known that the company, together with its technological partner, able to develop a 12-nm chip, which can be used for mining. The ultimate goal is to develop a 7-nm 5-nm and 3-nm chips. The company noted that the new 12-nm FFC-chip is an important milestone, since it proves that the company approached the implementation of the 7-nm chips.

Mining Plata has a 12-nm chips.

GMO Internet will continue to work on research and development of mining panels of the next generation in the first half of 2018.

Taking into account the fact that GMO Internet succeeded in developing a 12-nm FFC-chips, the appearance of the 7-nm chips, case not so long-term prospects. The company does not plan to sell mining equipment on the basis of 12-nm FFC-chips.

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Earlier, the company announced the establishment of a mining centre in Northern Europe for which it plans to use the new equipment for mining, and before his appearance to use the one that exists in the market. The capacity of this center shall be 500 peaches per second (PH/s).

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