$100 000 for a liar: Jameson Lopp announced a reward for the capture of the individual who defamed him

$100 000 for a liar: Jameson Lopp announced a reward for the capture of the individual who defamed him

Jameson Lopp, the enemy SegWit2x, the developer and Creator of BitGo statoshi.info offered a reward in the amount of $ 100,000 to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators in October last year an anonymous call to the police, which could have disastrous consequences.

Unknown reported to law enforcement that Jameson Lopp shot someone in his house and took hostages. The caller added that the entrepreneur requires 60 thousand dollars. And only after the receipt of this amount is ready to release their captives. To the house of Loppa came special forces began to storm the building. Fortunately, the Jameson, which at the time was not at home, managed to convince the police that the call was about.

Lopp announced the reward in his article on Medium, in which in detail described the incident on October 16. As he considers the developer fake call is a result of his public statements in the debate about the block size.

16 Oct Lopp posted a tweet in which he said he just woke up, and there is still a whole month SegWit2x-drama. The accuser probably thought of Lopp’s still in the house. Thank God it was not so, because the visit of the special forces could have unintended and extremely negative consequences.

It is noteworthy that both sides of the conflict around SegWit2x at the time condemned any violent ways to resolve the situation.

As soon as the incident became known to the media, Lopp received a message on my Voicemail from the phone code of the city of new York, in which the Blackmailers threatened to use harsher methods if they don’t get their $ 50,000 in Bitcoins. No address to send cryptocurrency if it wasn’t specified.

Lopp believes that he could even die in the day of the assault, if he were at home. He accuses law enforcement bodies of the vulnerability of their system.

Lopp cited the incident in Wichita, December 28, when an innocent man was shot by police, reacted to the message on capture of hostages. The officer who fired the fatal shot, did not even think that a 911 call was false. As it turned out, it was a “showdown” between the virtual gamers.

“The militarization of the police combined with a non-existent authentication creates a great environment for sottero,” said Lopp in his article.

According to him, the police have red flags such calls and to be suspicious if the monitored call does not match the declared location of the alleged crime. In addition, the police should require confirmation of identity if the phone number used when making such a call is not assigned to the caller’s name. Lopp said that in his case the caller hung up when asked to confirm his identity.

While Lopp considers himself a defender of privacy, he noted that the ability to store secret information will change the nature of the trust, as specified in the “Manifesto of cryptanalysis”.

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