10 000 or 110 000? 3 facts about the price of bitcoin, which you didn’t know

10 000 or 110 000? 3 facts about the price of bitcoin, which you didn’t know

The price of bitcoin continue to surprise as the participants of the cryptocurrency markets, and investment society in General, unusually rapid growth.

Estimates of the maximum

Even the most optimistic price expectations in the short term, now looks modest: the price of bitcoin reached $ 9,000, and in some markets has crossed the coveted barrier of 10 000.

Have you ever wondered about how the rapidly growing bitcoin exchange rate? The most popular virtual currency is becoming an economic miracle, available to everyone, regardless of place of residence and occupation. That is exactly what was envisioned development of its first bitcoin users. On the occasion of the bitcoin exchange rate at a significant level given the number of facts about the popular digital currency, which you didn’t know:

Bitcoin is Growing… the parabola

From the point of view of trend analysis bitcoin always was a big secret. The number of spikes, after which occurred a significant “kickbacks”, has puzzled even the most ardent supporters.

These peaks and the lowest points has led to the fact that the investment experts on traditional currencies began to predict the final demise of bitcoin. Like, when unreasonable enthusiasm is over, the currency will fall to $ 0 or, in essence, worthless.

However, this week the milestone of $ 9,000 was overcome without much unrest in key markets, and analysts are already at the top.

The so-called “parabolic trend”, which until recently was considered a bit exaggerated, now seriously discussed.

According to the exact description of the Twitter user Parabolic Trav, afraid of the four-digit bitcoin not worth it. Rather, it’s just the tip (or base) potential of a huge iceberg.

“When I created the growth trajectory $BTC, crossing all tops and bottoms here’s the schedule,” wrote today Herbs, commenting on your own price chart for bitcoin.

Until the next deviation of the price from the main market direction digital currency can achieve an unimaginable level of 110 000 dollars.

Bitcoin… Has a rate of $ 10,000

The bitcoin’s price is always higher when there is a large demand and limited supply. Throughout 2017, beginning with currency reforms in November 2016, the most striking example of this thesis were India.

Despite the abrupt transition of Venezuela in dependence on navigacionnykh money that ousted India from the news headlines, the South Asian nation leads the price of bitcoin on national markets. This week exceeded a mark in 10 000 dollars.

At the moment, Unocoin, one of the “big three” exchanges of India along with Zebpay and Coinsecure, asking 700 500 rupees (10 $ 800) for 1 BTC.

For the country, on exchanges where every month, hundreds of thousands of new users, this is a compelling trend that is likely to strengthen.

Bitcoin… is Included in the 30 most expensive currencies in the world

The title “leader among cryptocurrency” is irrelevant. Since November 2017 bitcoin was among the 30 most expensive currencies in the world. Estimates for December 2016, digital currency surpassed direct competitors — Finland and the UAE — in terms of market capitalization.

According to Coinmarketcap, at the moment the capitalization of the bitcoin is 155 billion dollars, with a significant gap Ether (44 billion dollars). There are preconditions to bypass Ireland and Denmark in the League table.

Over the past 12 months as bitcoin was extremely volatile: the pressure of China, the emergence of Cash to fork Bitcoin and even the CEO of JPMorgan Jamie diamond created a very tense periods.

Now many critics have decreased significantly as the currency is becoming easier to overcome new obstacles to growth.

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